June 2016

The ODEON Innovation Lab story so far…

The background

In 2015, ODEON Cinemas Group devised a major programme to transform the business for the digital age, overhauling our technical and digital strategy across our Group’s operations in the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany. This is providing us with new technical opportunities and allowing us to launch new digital and retail services for our guests.

Our objective

In 2016, we launched two Innovation Labs, one in London – ODEON iLab - and one in Barcelona – CINESA iLab, following an initial exploratory pilot scheme in 2015. The concept was for our Group’s commercial and IT teams to co-create products to improve our guests’ experience through engaging and collaborating with start-ups at our HQ once a month. The best ideas would then be tested within our cinemas and through our digital channels, and potentially rolled out across Europe if successful.

Our activities are designed to enhance the cinema experience throughout our guests’ entire journey. This formal innovation process was created to make sure we attract the most innovative start-ups to share their ideas with us and not miss great opportunities.

Who has approached us?

We’ve had an incredible response to iLab and honestly we’ve been inundated with requests and ideas from hundreds of suppliers. For obvious confidentiality reasons we can’t go into too much detail on a public blog such as this, but to give you an idea of where we’ve seen interest, see the chart below – this in itself is a very interesting view of where the technology market is right now!

Next time, we’ll give you some examples of what we’ve been working on.


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