ODEON Cinemas Group Limited – UK Tax Strategy – Year ending 31 December 2017

Approved on 20 December 2017 by the board of directors of ODEON Cinemas Group Limited on behalf of it and its UK subsidiaries, in accordance with paragraph 19(2) Schedule 19 Finance Act 2016.

About us

With more than 120 cinemas, over 960 screens and 87 years of cinema experience, ODEON is the leading cinema exhibitor across the UK & Ireland.

ODEON prides itself in being the destination of choice for film lovers, with an ongoing commitment to investing in cutting edge technology and comfort which create the ultimate cinema experience – from luxury seats to immersive IMAX and ISENSE screens with premium sight and sound, impeccable guest service and unique opportunities to watch screenings of 70mm prints at select sites.

ODEON is part of ODEON Cinemas Group, Europe's largest cinema operator, which hosts over 115m guests each year in more than 360 cinemas across 14 European countries. In 2016, ODEON Cinemas Group was acquired by AMC Theatres, creating the largest movie exhibition company in the world.


This document sets out the strategic tax objectives of the companies within the ODEON sub group in the UK (“ODEON UK”), part of the AMC group of companies and ultimately owned by Dalian Hexing Investment Co Ltd, resident in the People’s Republic of China. The UK sub group has investments in a number of European jurisdictions which align to, but are not specifically covered by, this tax strategy. Please refer to the appendix for a list of companies covered at the time of publication.

In this tax strategy, references to ‘ODEON UK’ or ‘the group’ are references to all of the entities named in the appendix.

The tax strategy is set by the respective boards of directors for each of the entities in consultation with the UK & global tax teams and global leadership. The board of ODEON Cinemas Group Limited is ultimately responsible for the formulation and compliance with this tax strategy in the UK.

Risk Management and Governance in relation to tax

Tax policy forms an integral part of the group’s compliance and corporate governance. ODEON UK operates what we consider to be a system of robust internal controls, including those in respect of UK tax, in line with the requirements within relevant legislation. Risks are continually monitored within the business and escalated to directors as necessary. The ultimate responsibility for decision making sits with the board of ODEON Cinemas Group Limited.

Management is responsible for tax matters within established corporate guidelines and policies. Day to day management of the UK tax affairs are delegated to appropriate personnel including the International Tax Manager, located in the UK, and the UK Finance Director.

There are organizational processes in place to ensure the responsibility to comply with this tax strategy is discharged.

All tax submissions are reviewed by appropriate personnel (as detailed above) and approved by senior finance personnel before filing with HMRC.

ODEON UK strives to continually improve processes and controls as opportunities arise.

Attitude to tax planning

ODEON UK strives to act in a manner that upholds its reputation as a responsible corporate citizen. The group endeavors to ensure the integrity of all reported tax numbers and compliance with all of its tax obligations across all group companies, under all relevant laws and regulations, and to fully comply with its regulatory & non-regulatory obligations. 

ODEON UK’s tax strategy is to manage its tax liability in a cost efficient and cost effective manner whilst ensuring that the tax strategy aligns to the overall business strategy. In line with our parent company, our philosophy is to reduce uncertainty and provide efficiency and transparency with tax authorities.

Working in partnership, the directors and relevant employees ensure ODEON UK’s tax strategy is considered in all investments and significant business decisions. We work closely with our external advisors when dealing with an area of complexity or a new issue to ensure adherence to tax legislation at all times.

Our tax strategy includes the effective management of international taxes through utilization of treaty agreements and other tax efficient mechanisms.

Level of acceptable tax risk

We continue to maintain a conservative approach to taxes and tax planning, following all relevant UK and international tax laws. All transactions must have a commercial purpose and tax strategies are implemented only if they make sense operationally and if the tax positions are supported by our tax advisors. 

The International Tax Manager, alongside the global tax team, aims to be involved in all stages of material and tax sensitive transactions from scoping through to post implementation reviews. It is vital that all areas of our businesses feel supported from a tax point of view to enable ODEON UK to achieve its commercial objectives. This includes both managing tax risk and making good investment decisions as appropriate with knowledge of all tax costs.

Relationship with HMRC

The overriding principle is that the group maintains an open and honest relationship in its dealings with all tax authorities in jurisdictions in which it operates. ODEON UK has a strong, on-going relationship with HMRC, maintaining a dialogue through regular meetings and communications in respect of developments in ODEON UK’s business and tax risks (past, present and future). Where a tax issue arises we seek resolution with HMRC in as efficient a manner as possible.

ODEON UK acknowledges that it has as a large group of companies within the United Kingdom; and understands its responsibility to work alongside HMRC and other regulatory bodies to ensure that its tax affairs are correct, appropriate and transparent.

Appendix- entities covered by this tax strategy document

Odeon Cinemas Group Limited

Odeon & UCI Cinemas Holdings Limited

Odeon and UCI Cinemas Group Limited

Odeon & UCI Cinemas Digital Limited

Odeon Bournemouth (ABC) Limited

Odeon Bournemouth (Odeon) Limited

Odeon Weston-Super-Mare Limited

Odeon & UCI Bond Holdco Limited

Odeon & UCI Bond Midco Limited

Odeon & UCI Finco Plc

Lucius Holdings Ltd

Lucius Investments Ltd

United Cinemas International Acquisitions Ltd

Multiscreen Holdings (UK) Ltd

Cinema International Corporation (UK) Ltd

CIC Film Properties

Empire-Ritz (Leicester Square)

CIC Theatres Group

The Plaza Theatre Company

Cicero Holdings Ltd

Cicero Investments Ltd

Cicero Acquisitions Ltd

Odeon Equity Co Ltd

Odeon DDB Co Ltd

Odeon Bridge Co Ltd

Odeon Ltd

Odeon Cinemas Group Ltd

Associated British Cinemas Ltd

Hopeart Ltd

Movitex Signs Ltd

Odeon Cinemas Holdings Ltd

Digital Cinema Media Ltd

ABC Cinemas Ltd

Bookit Ltd

Odeon Cinemas Ltd

Odeon Cinemas (RL) Ltd

Curzon Cinema (Loughborough) Ltd

Odeon and Sky Filmworks Ltd

United Cinemas International (UK) Ltd

UCI Exhibition (UK) Ltd

Odeon & UCI Digital Operations Ltd

UCI Developments Ltd

United Cinemas International (China) Ltd

Hollywood Express Ltd

AMC Theatres of UK Limited