May 2017

Here’s another handful of the super ideas we’ve been working on in the last year or so:

CinemaConversation standees - EventsTag

ODEON tested the social media standee ‘CinemaConversations’ by EventsTag in collaboration with Arts Alliance Media for the Doctor Strange campaign in a limited number of UK cinemas in November 2016. These unique standees with an integrated social media TV display were located in the cinema foyer and used an engaging selfie opportunity for the guests. Guests were invited to take a selfie using a selfie-stick provided by ODEON in front of the backdrop and post it on social media using the dedicated hashtag. The photos were then displayed automatically into the TV display and guests were automatically taking part in a big VR competition.

Bus beacon ad - Exterion

ODEON trialled a beacon-triggered advertising solution by Exterion Media across their bus network in London for the Batman v Superman campaign in March 2016. This ingenious ad solution uses the dwell time of bus travel to engage with passengers and provide them with relevant, timely and engaging content in an unobtrusive way.

DUBS app

ODEON has been supporting DUBS’s new technology with audience test screenings in Q1 2017 and will continue supporting DUBS with a UK launch event by Q2-Q3 2017. DUBS is a ground-breaking smartphone app which lets guests enjoy movies in the official dubbed language of their choice using their own device and headphones, opening up the cinema experience to multilingual and language-displaced people (ie far from home).


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