June 2017

As you may have read, it’s been a really exciting time for our company recently with loads of new activity underway and in the pipeline. We've already locked in a pile of interesting new ideas to explore in 2017, and we are already working on a jam-packed programme of exciting stuff across our growing Group. So we're currently pausing our active hunt for even more new ideas just to focus on maximising the ones we have planned and ensure we can learn from them. Things may change as the year goes on, so we’d still appreciate hearing about any ideas you have for working with us.

If you have an idea we should hear about, please send it to

We review everything we get sent, and we’ll be in touch if we think we can progress anything. Don’t worry – we really are super organised and keep everything on file so we may also consider your idea in the future.

So we really hope this has been useful – we are so excited about our current programme, and are already looking forward to working with more incredible companies in the future. In the meantime, thanks again for reading this and good luck in your own innovation initiatives!


Laura and G

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